Just arrived in Chicago a couple hours ago, back to the University of Chicago to start classes once again! Took a few photos then had to run off to training! When flying, especially through the Oklahoma City Airport, I usually (unsurprisingly) experience a lot of racial profiling as a Muslim. So I decided to wear my Oklahoma pride shirt this time around whilst traveling to see if it would help--haha and it definitely did! I even got a few compliments from the TSA, which was definitely a first!
   I usually get cold on planes so I paired it with a chambray shirt to keep me warm (it's always best to dress in layers when traveling!) in the airplanes and it's light enough to keep me cool when I was in the Oklahoma heat! When traveling I always try to keep what I'm wearing simple and really comfortable.
   Oh P.S. don't mind me looking incredibly tired (4am flight!) in these photos--because I don't wear makeup, when I'm tired, it becomes really obvious...