Photo: Hadi//Skirt: Handmade//Necklace: Etsy//Shoes: Modcloth
      Believe it or not, this was probably the hardest shoot I've tried to do yet! Yes, the posts on my neighborhood street such as Early Bird and Tuxedo Stripe involved much running and hiding from the neighbors (I still--and moreso my neighbors--haven't gotten used to all the photo shoots, and running around the street laughing and posing and being followed by my photographer aka brother with a camera, is not something I want my neighbors (especially the ones who just moved in!) to see, ahaha.
     Rather, these books would not cooperate (especially for the second picture)! Half of the time spent on this shoot we were just re-stacking up the books! On the plus side I rediscovered a lot of my old books that I forgot I had! Might as well suggest a few authors now that I'm on the subject: Noam Chomsky, Rumi, and Jane Austen are all wonderful authors and I highly suggest taking a look at their political writing, poetry, and fiction, respectively!

<(") Hoda