My home for the next 9 months!
My summer has finally and unfortunately come to an end (#quartersystem) which means it's time to pack the bags and head north to Chicago for classes to start up again! And this means a few major changes: I have to do my own laundry again (boo) and that JooJoo Azad ~ Free Bird will be posting every other day, rather than posting every day, as it has (mostly) currently been! I will try my best to keep up with blogging (I have many surprises coming your way soon!) and plan to use it as an effective tool of procrastination!

But I do want to take this time to thank my photographer and brother, Hadi. Thanks for putting up with all the bug bites you've gotten standing outside taking photos for me, and hope you didn't get West Nile Virus ♡ Love you! c;

Get ready for some new locations, new photographers, new collaborations, and even better posts!

Hope you continue to stay with me and follow my adventures as a student (lol what am I saying I basically live in the library) xx

Second year of University of Chicago, here I come~

P.S. I'll be flying tomorrow and as a Muslim in America airports are especially fun (*sarcasm*) so you can keep up with me being racially profiled via live updates on Instagram ♡

P.P.S. Have your classes already started? How are you managing blogging and work? (My mother doesn't believe I can...)