Hello, lovelies!

     So sorry for my lack of actual posts lately--I went on a roadtrip to visit my brother (who is an artist and you should totally check out his page--Cadmium Soul!) and have not been able to update the blog! But I just arrived back home last night (well, technically this morning at 4am because I didn't want to stop driving until I arrived home--17 hours is a long drive!...Is it bad that the only time I've ever pulled all-nighters is for stupid reasons?) and will resume regularly posting as of tomorrow (I should probably catch up on sleep before posting and trying to sound semi-understandable?)
     Anyway, before I go drop on my bed and sleep for hours, here are basically the posts that you missed (unless you were following my instagram -- P.S. do it! ) 

 Also here is my favorite piece from my brother's collection!:

Side Note: I actually liked it so much that I took it and hung it in my dorm room and everyone hardcore judged me because I brought a freaking painting into a tiny dorm room.

SO, hope you check out/follow Haneif's work here:
and check out/follow my instagram here: http://instagram.com/hodaaak
Also if you want you can post your instagram names in the comments section so we can all check them out/follow! c;

P.S. I'm going to categorize this post under "shameless promotion" because I feel bad putting it under anything else...

See you tomorrow for an actual style post! xx