Hello, lovelies!

     I've gotten several questions about alternatives to the stores on my boycott list. I agree, it's rather depressing when you look over a long list of so many companies that grossly violate human rights in one way or another (especially when your favorite store is listed!), and nothing in the world seems pleasant again. But don't loose hope! Great alternatives exist such as buying locally, from small stores, and from thrift shops! Sites like Etsy are great for this, as you can find so many wonderful [handmade!] pieces that are not only one-of-a-kind, but also do not fuel multi-million dollar corporations like Gap!
     So, without further ado, here are my top five picks from Etsy!

  1. Contrast Color Minimalist Handbag, by QQBoutique
  2. Crystal Bullet Necklace, by Myrrh Jewelry
  3. Brass Himmeli Hanging Planter no. 2 by HRUSKAA
  4. Rhino Love by LolaAndCash ->Bonus: +- $19 from each sale will be donated to Saving Private Rhino Initiative!
  5. Azure Star Map Print by Elisemahanfineart 

And, because I excel at shameless self promotions, I had to include a few things from my own etsy, The Tea House! Also, in an attempt to do myself what I wished actual corporations did, as of today, September 6th, I am donating 50% of the profits from any purchase made from my store to charity (the exact charity depends on the item purchased--check the 'details' section of each product for details on which charity!) from now until, well, hopefully forever. 

But yeah~ basically, I'm all for supporting small businesses, especially as an alternative to larger, human-rights violating companies. It also helps that most things on Etsy are cute as hell, so you should take a look! Hope you found this post a bit useful and happy [socially-responsible] shopping! 

<(") Hoda

P.S. If you are also an Etsy owner, leave the link to your store in the comments section so we can all check it out! xx