So I'm very excited to announce that this is my second official post for Teen Vogue; I am so thrilled to have been accepted as one of their Fashion Click Bloggers! (P.S. please check out this post on their site and I'd love it if you could show some support by clicking the "heart" in the top right hand corner above the photo and sharing the link!) c;

These photos were actually taken in my backyard back in Oklahoma, before I left for uni in Chicago. The tree/bush/plant behind me is actually a fig tree! (If you do not know what a fig is--which I recently learned not many people do, you should totally try one because it's such a unique fruit!)

Also: patterned pants are like my favorite thing, jussaying~

Check this post out on the teen vogue website! http://fashionclick.teenvogue.com/post/where-the-fig-tree-grows