DIY Heart-Shaped Elbow Patches! Scarf: Iran//Photos: Hadi
So these photos are actually NOT an accurate portrayal of the weather in Chicago right now because it just snowed!? What!? Having lived in Oklahoma all my life (where these photos were taken--in my backyard at home!) I don't see snow too often before January, let alone in October!? What is it also snowing where you are living, or is it just the deep south that is missing out??

Regardless, I had bought this shirt a while ago and realized it was a bit too boring--it's just another striped shirt! So I decided to make it rather more interesting by adding heart-shaped elbow patches! It is a super easy DIY and I'll be posting the steps within the next few days if you're interested! I think it definitely made the shirt more lovable! (teehee, get it!?) c;

Have a lovely Thursday and see you tomorrow! xx