Hello lovelies!

     Just had the honor of having my last Social Action Sunday (SAS) post about Islam featured on the front page of Rivista Di Moda, an online Italian magazine! I guess this means I've done something right, so if you haven't already checked out the post, you totally should! (P.S. I also really want to hear your thoughts!) Your great positive feedback and continued questions have also made me decide to dedicate this week's upcoming SAS about the Hijab, or headscarf, so stay tuned for that!

     Also decided to take a step forward for my blog and finally create an actual "Press" page.. (when I think about it it's actually a sort of pretentious thing for a blog to have but whatever, it helps to tell a bit more about my blog for potential collaborations, no?)

     Sorry this was all text but have a lovely Wednesday and hope to see you tomorrow for Day 4 of the TShirt series! xx