Why was the blog so inactive last weekend (my apologies)!? Well no other reason that I took a (sort of impromptu) road trip with one of my favorite people, Andrea! The trip from Chicago to Dearborn, MI was sparked by our desire to learn how to make baklava (...and I guess visit family..) in our only free weekend before we sell our souls studying for our upcoming midterms. While we never actually ended up learning how to make baklava (good recipes greatly appreciated c; ), we definitely made up for it by buying our fair share of this sweet dessert (bad pun intended!)!
We also checked out the exhibit/lecture by John Halaka at the Arab-American National Museum in Dearborn which was a m a z i n g!

Photo Credit: Andrea 

My brother is the cutest c; 

The 4.5 hr drive consisted of reflective conversations and dancing to Arabic/Indian music (...all Andrea's) ...but mostly just the latter..


Such a lovely weekend spent with some of my favorite people, even though I am now a bit behind in my studies...! Hope you enjoy the photos and have a lovely day! xx


P.S. There are more photos on my instagram (@hodakatebi) of the trip if you want to check them out! c;
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