After spending all day indoors being sick, too scared to go outside and brave the cold weather, I finally mustered enough courage to change out from my pajamas and try to actually get stuff done! 
This shoot was actually my very first post for TeenVogue, and was taken back in September! (My bad for somehow forgetting to post these photos on the blog sooner!) Check out the post here! c; Even though it was taken so long ago, I feel like it is most accurately portraying how I feel right now--just wanting to stay indoors and do nothing but drink tea and read poetry....and catch up on sleep (haha much like I wanted to in this post, too!). Too bad there is this thing called "classes" that I have to attend to...the only thing that is getting me through these days--because my health obviously failed me--is looking forward to Thanksgiving break where I'm going to visit my brother in Detroit! How are you surviving the transition to winter? xx

P.S. I might also be doing a giveaway tomorrow so stay tuned!! c; 

Photos: Hadi//Sweater: H&M//Skirt: Vintage//Boots: Steve Madden//Backpack: Forever 21//Necklace: Etsy