Aaand finally, I present to you my very first shoot on campus! Even though I've been here for nearly two months, I hadn't had the opportunity to shoot on campus until recently (this is why I took lots of backup photos back at home)! Working with both my new and lovely photographer, Alex, and a photogenic campus, I'm rather excited to be doing photoshoots for my blog at college, even if it means we shoot in remote locations because I'm too shy to be photographed in public, teehee. 
This location, for example, (if you've stalked me on Instagram it miiight look familiar!) is on the roof of the Music Department, where I was once lost/locked out of last year (haha er...long story). Alex's photography style is a bit different than mine, but I rather like it! What do you think? 

Photos: Alex // Jacket: Zara // Sweater: H&M // White Blouse: Zara // Boots: DSW // Rings: H&M