With 2014 right around the corner and my closet feeling stagnant, I felt it appropriate to make a new years resolution of sorts for a few daring trends I still haven't mustered enough courage to try. Looking for inspiration I went straight to a few of my favorite bloggers (Andy Torres, Bonnie Barton, etc) but copyright laws scare me so I decided to create my own little mood/inspiration boards to help with their visualization (teehee, pun intended)!
Let's begin, shall we?

Wide-Leg Trousers:

Depending on your style, this one might not be tooo much of a stretch, but as a person who only wears skinny jeans and fitted pants, I'm pretty excited to open up to this trend (teehee does that count as a pun c;)!
I feel like the obvious instinct with wide trousers would be to opt for a tighter, slimmer top, but I feel it looks perfect with a cozy sweater! (note, if you haven't noticed, I like cozy sweaters as evident by my last set)


Oh, the good ole' pair of dungarees. It's reappearance this year was pretty big, especially among bloggers, and I've always admired anyone who can pull them off. I always thought they were a pretty unique piece and incredibly versatile, and I really hope this is something I'll be able to pull off in the near future! I think the best way to ease into wearing overalls is by getting a pair in sleek black, rather than a crazy pattern or color (even though you know I like my patterns)!

Dress + Pants

This trend has definitely not gotten as much hype this year as I think it deserves. I've seen both a lot of high-end fashion peeps pull this off, as well as many Muslim women (pants are more modest than leggings). I'm actually like, super excited to try this one out! (And I think it will be able to let me bring back some of my dresses that have gotten just a bit too short for me!) I think wearing fun slim-fit pants would look best!

Layered Skirts

Okay, I think I'm probably the most nervous about trying this trend! Like the pants under the dress, you don't really see much skirt layering in your day-to-day interactions.
Most of my inspiration for this trend comes from one of my favorite brands, Free People. If you take a look around their store most of their dresses give off a layered-skirt look and it's just so dreamy!

I think all of these trends (or...their lack of being a trend) are not only exciting to try, but will also breathe new life into my closet for the new year without having to purchase excessively!

What do you want to try in 2014? 

P.S. Rounding up the year tomorrow so hope you stick around for that! xx