Can you believe these photos were taken just yesterday, in the midst of Oklahoma's winter season? It feels so great to run around in the fields next to my old middle school with my brothers and soak up the good old Oklahoma (almost year-round) sun.
Speaking of which, since I had my well-dressed brothers with me, I decided to do a shoot of them, as well! Not only do I have a few male readers but I'm also personally heavily inspired by menswear and want to feature more men on JooJoo Azad! (In fact you can see a sneak peek of Hadi, my younger brother and main photographer when I'm at home, in the background of a few of these--he's looking quite sharp if I do say so myself!) So pretty excited to show you next week how they turned out! xx Happy Sunday!

(p.s. Check out yesterday's post if you're looking for some Social Action in your Sunday!)

Location: Oklahoma // Photos: Haneif // Cardigan: Thrifted // Blouse: Forever 21 // Boots: DSW