As you can probably tell from the pure delight on my face, I kind of enjoy playing in leaves. This shoot mostly just consisted of me running around and Alex climbing on the building calling down for me to stop moving so much so she can take a decent photo, hahaha (despite my constant movement Alex still managed to take nice, non-blurry photos!) She also made the little animation, which I thought was rather fun!

I've been looking for thigh-high boots for the longest time and finally scored these babies from DSW! These photos were taken the day they arrived because I couldn't wait to take them out to play!

Location: UChicao, Bond Chapel // Photos: Alex // Jacket: Forever21 // Boots: DSW

Also P.S. Tomorrow for SAS I'm answering all your questions about the Hijab so hope you come back and check it out! xx

P.P.S. Thanks so much to everyone who loved and shared the Socially-Responsible Gift Guide! Your support means a lot!