A quick snap of the route back to my room right after finishing my first final! 

Spending hours at a local cafe with Alex who refuses to be on the other side of the camera for once...

Study Study Study Study (Arabic!)

These bikes probs won't be used anytime soon....

Snow is so beautiful! 

Waiting at the airport for a few hours...until I realized I was waiting in front of the wrong airline check-in line...no wonder it was empty.. 

Teehee I can pull off glasses, right?
 (p.s. no, I don't actually wear glasses, but if I did, I know what pair I'd buy!)

The rolling green hills...okay this photo *might* have been from the summer but that's okay right? 

Spent the day relaxing, watching the birds, and listening to music. I'm going to miss these days~ 

What a change from the feet of snow and finals in Chicago to the good vibes and warmth in Oklahoma! How are you spending your holiday break? xx

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