In this weather nothing feels better than an oversized sweater and a cup of tea/coffee to keep you warm. But there is another way you can keep warm, too--buying from socially-responsible philanthropic brands! There are thousands of brands that not only create their products from completely fair-trade and eco-friendly materials, but also donate much of their profits to a noble cause--everything from animal welfare to combating human trafficking and child labor! (See? Aren't you warming up already?)

Using an oversized sweater as the starting point, the three boards below are created from stores that are not on the Boycott List (see I told you you can be fashionable without shopping at J.Crew or Gap!) and then have one additional item from a philanthropic brand! 

You don't have to be dressed head-to-toe in philanthropic clothing, but even having just one or two little things from a company that is supporting a great cause can make a difference--both to your outfit/happiness and to people around the world! 

But you're probably thinking "oh gosh this is probs super expensive tho" because we think (okay fine it's kind of true, too) that most charitable and socially-responsible companies are also way out of our budget--we're so used to the cheap clothes brought to us by exploitation and child labor. But with just a bit of looking you can find all-around amazing organizations that have designed and created beautiful and affordable pieces! And here, I already did the looking for you--all you need to do is sit back and enjoy (and support them!)~ 
(p.s A great use for all of that ca$h money you received over the holidays!) c;

Lush, an all-around amazing brand, not only creates all of its hand-made products ethically with natural and healthy ingredients, but is also incredibly philanthropic! In fact all of the profits from the purchase of their Charity Pot lotion goes directly towards small, grassroots organizations globally. They've already donated 350+ charities around the world that are helping with everything from environmental conservation to animal welfare!

Check out their Charity Pot Lotion (from only $5.95-$22.95) and read more about its work here: 

Hand crafted by Cambodians who are from underprivileged backgrounds or suffering from disabilities, 10% of proceeds from the Brave Collection bracelets are donated toward fighting human trafficking. So not only are you helping create jobs in Cambodia for people who would otherwise be denied work, you're also helping in the fight against a horrible human right violation!

Check out the Brave Collection ($38.00) here:

This statement Sunburst Necklace is handmade by artisans in India who even helped during the design process--in fact Mata Traders employs a team of 600+ Indian artisans who are heavily involved in the entire production process! Moreover the organization takes a prominent role in fighting poor child labor laws in India!

Check out the Sunburst necklace (also available in yellow!) ($32.00) here:


See? Buying socially responsible pieces that give back are not only easy and make you feel good, but they are also pretty affordable for most budgets (the total range of these items from $5.95-$38.00)! Just their presence on the sets above just lifted the whole mood of the mood board (yes, trust me, if you took them off the whole board got dark and gloomy), and warmed them up--inside and out, and I'm sure they will do the same for you! c;

Also, if you didn't like my picks be sure to check out their site anyway--they all have quite a variety of do-good items!

And finally, happy holidays! I hope everyone who celebrated these past few days have been enjoying time off with friends and family! Have a lovely Saturday! xx


*This post is NOT a sponsored post