As promised, here are just a few snaps from my adventures over Thanksgiving break with my brother and his wife! I was planning on taking a few more photos but what with trying to catch up on work and running around the area, I didn't really get the time to stop and take many photos! 

When I travel I hate wearing big coats--they are so inconvenient! I also try to not sacrifice being super comfortable (haha comfortable enough so I could catch up on some much-needed sleep on the train teehee!) for fashion when traveling. So I usually wear a scarf/Hijab that does not require constant maintenance, an oversized sweater (to make up for not wearing a coat!), and comfortable jeans and jacket. Here are the details of the photo: 

1. Handmade rug from Iraq! 
2. My favorite jacket from Zara
4. Thrifted oversized black sweater
5. Floral scarf from Etsy 
6. Gifted Gucci bag
7. Mother's watch
8. Urban Outfitters sunglasses 
9. Little Moleskin notebook (I don't go anywhere without it!) 
10. Small perfumes from Iran

While I never was able to do an actual shoot (crunched with time!), I did manage to take a selfie at 5:00am in the station while waiting for my delayed train (teehee): 

 On my last night we went out to grab sushi at a cooly-decorated Japanese restaurant! (Only downside: I'm not actually a fan of sushi, although my brother insists that I am..)

 Union Station, Chicago, at midnight when I arrived, and trying to simultaneously send a snapchat and not get run over by a taxi at the same time (It would have been a neat shot if we just cut out that running lady... ): 

And a 5.5 hour train trip is not complete with a bit of music (although for this trip I did not listen to music for religious reasons, this is what I would have listened to!) As you can see, I have a taste in music.. 

Happy Sunday loves! xx