Top (okay...only published) shoots from this month, top left going clockwise: one, two, three, four

Also this month I started experimenting a bit with menswear on the blog, which received an overwhelmingly positive response, and so this has kicked off a really exciting project series that will hopefully be coming to fruition within the next month! (P.S. thank you again for your (positive) feedback! xx) Check out the rest of the photos from this shoot here!

Most popular post from this month: UnVeiling the Veil: Why I Cover My Hair! It has also made it to be JooJoo Azad's second most popular post to datre! (First one being the DIY Maxi Skirt and third my article on the Fashion Industry's Inconvenient Truth!) Reading through the comments, I'm just so honored to have such open-minded and supportive readers as yourselves! Thank you for all of your thoughts--I thought we had a pretty great discussion going, and I'm so touched from all of your positive messages! xx (If you missed this post, check it out here!)

January was a great and productive month and has sprouted the beginning of several collaborations and projects to come! I cannot wait to show you everything I have been working on behind the scenes all month! Hope you stay tuned! xx
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What was your favorite post from the month?