Haha you can probably tell, but these photos were taken while I was half asleep (and if I recall, a bit sick...) but regardless I somehow had the energy to climb around (and in Alex's words, "perch") on the teeniest ledges in the building (hey whatever it takes to do a shoot without constant passerbys)! We also had a bit of fun experimenting with lighting and angles so hope you enjoy this shoot in a slightly different style from my usual, over-the-top-filled-with-light photos!

Photos: Alex // Location: UChicago // Blouse: Zara (similar: here) // Skirt: H&M (similar: here) // Leggings: Zara // Shoes: ModCloth


I mentioned this way awhile back but my brother Haneif is having a solo art show at the Scarab Club in Detroit, MI January 16th (that's the day after tomorrow!!) from 6-10pm!
Check out all the deets and rsvp here https://www.facebook.com/events/120297078161199/ 
(If you can't make it you can still show your support by checking out his artwork here!)

Come dress up, peruse through artists' work, and hope to see you there! 

Can't wait to meet you! xx