As someone who draw a lot of inspiration from menswear (and have a few male readers!), I feel it necessary to feature guys on my blog now and then! (It also gives me a chance to get a bit of experience on the other side of the camera!) Depending on how long you've been reading my blog, you might have noticed Haneif, my older brother whose work I sometimes feature (p.s. hope you can make it out to his art show in Detroit, USA in January 16 (details here) (and I'd love to meet you!)) in the blue jeans and grey cardigan! The other brother is Hadi, who takes my photos when I'm back in Oklahoma!
These photos are the sister brother of this shoot I did a bit ago in Oklahoma! I guess the theme, (aside from dead plants...) is the cardigan, which all three of us are wearing! Guys usually shy away from wearing it, but I think (according to these photos, at least) they can pull it off just as well as we do!

P.S. Haha I was playing with poses so don't mind that... c;
P.P.S. I hope you enjoyed this post because I'm working on a (similar) exciting project that I can't wait to show you! xx

Happy Tuesday and stay warm!