This definitely has to be one of my favorite shoots in one of my favorite places! Visiting my hometown in Oklahoma always brings back a wave of sweet memories! Although the small town is developing rather quickly, it's always comforting when a few special places are still standing ( the shattered windows...)
And as the weather has been warming up, (yes...Oklahoma sometimes forgets it's winter...check out the sun in my last shoot!) nothing beats wearing a flowy button-up with a pair of patterned pants--this duo has become quite the daily uniform! It's going to be quite a drastic change from the layers of sweaters and coats I'm about to pile on in just a few days--I unfortunately have to say my goodbyes to the sun and return to Chicago for classes (did I mention there is supposedly a -27F windshield right now!?) At least my ears will be warm (teehee did you catch the reference from my last post?)!
Oh and p.s. I hope you appreciate the first photo because on my way back down I landed on some not-so-pleasant rocks :(
Happy Saturday! xx

Photos: Hadi // Location: Stillwater, Oklahoma // Pants: Forever21 // Oxfords: Local boutique