Phew boy was this past weekend filled with new experiences (for someone who can't drive at night/has never driven through snow, driving through a blizzard in the dark was a rather scary experience!), a lot of art (Detroit is just dripping with inspiration!), and quality time with the people I love! I've complied a few memorable photos from our adventures below (p.s complete outfit shoots coming soon (yes, we did a shoot at the art museum!) so I tried my best not to give everything away with these photos!) and hope you enjoy!

Ellen and I in awe of Diego Rivera's gorgeous murals!  

At Haneif's show! Even despite the ~ 4 hour delay (#blizzards), we still were able to make it before it closed for the night! Thanks for everyone who was able to come out! 
If you couldn't make it out be sure to check out his facebook page!

Photo credit: the talented Hamed

From top left going clockwise: 
Exploring local cafes, Diego Rivera mural, Detroit street art, Alex & Art

The Scarab Club, Detroit Public Library, my loves in front of a neat art piece, with the brosky in front my favorite of his works!

Movement #27 2000-2002 Kwesi Owusu-Ankomah, Siskind 1984 Franz Kline, Penelope, who, at the right angle, could stare right into your soul, Diego Rivera's autograph on ceiling of the Scarab Club! 

Thank you to everyone who has been staying with me during these mini disappearances from blogging! (College is like, really time-consuming somehow! ..especially when you decide to take a roadtrip and leave the state in the middle of the quarter!) c; But don't think I've forgotten you! I've actually been working on some exciting projects for the blog so stay tuuuuuned! xx Happy Friday!

Edit: I decided, in order to keep things a bit more streamlined and clean, I consolidated the part I and part II of my photo journal into one small handy-dandy post!