Nothing beats escaping the constant drone of classes and going on an (art-filled!) adventure with friends! This is one of the shoots we did at the Art Institute at our past roadtrip to Detroit. It was so much fun trying to "fit into" the art (note the odd/awkward poses) and receiving some even more odd/awkward stares from passerbys. (For the rest of the photos from this trip, check out this post!). Apparently, dressing up to go to an art museum isn't actually a thing?

I guess the timing of this post is also perfect, given the art-inspired trends coming fresh from the NYFW runways (which I'm crazy excited about)! As this shoot combining modern art and fashion was taken wayy before this trend was seen on the runway, we're just going to pretend it was inspired by me okay. Thank you. ~

Photos: Alex // Location: DAI, Detroit // Blouse: Zara // Boots: DSW // Plaid Scarf: Mother's

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