Hello! Awhile back I had put together a post about easing into buying from philanthropic and do-good brands that I think we all sort of liked, and this is a continuation of that series! (Missed that post? Don't fret! Check it out here!). This time though, we're getting slightly bigger and badder (haha these are still do-good brands!) c; All of these sets are centered around a different handbag that is doing great things! Also last time you asked me to add links to where the rest of the products are found so I'll do that too because I like you. c; Enjoy!

Brand: Angela Roi // Bag: Palette White Crossbody
The Goods: Proceeds of this handbag goes towards the "support and advocacy" of lung-cancer patients. Don't care for black? They have so many different color for each of their beautiful handbags, with each color supporting a different cause! Neat, hu? Check them out here!

ALSO: Flower Print Peter Pan Collar Dress // European-Style Loose Fur Coat

The Goods: Aside from being handmade in Guatemala from recycled materials, this backpack supports a scholarship for Mayan artisans' children to attend a preparatory school! Check out their Buy a Backpack, Fund a Student Program on their site! 

Brand: Emi & Eve // Bag: Recycled Bullets Clutch in Blue
The Goods: Well I guess I just got excited and said it all in the set, but yeah. Basically, the artisans at Emi & Eve excavate and recycle bullets and bomb shells found in remote areas in Cambodia and transform them into beautiful jewelry, bags, etc! Moreover, these bags are sewn by disabled Cambodian women who would not be able to work otherwise!

ALSO: Eco Boutique Strike Tee // Ethnic Vintage Harem Pants


What do you think of these bags? Which one is your favorite? Would you be willing to spend a bit more on a bag if you know your money is going to do great things?
Have a lovely day and hope you end up bagging one of these! (teehee, get it!?) xx

P.S. This was my 100th post so huzzah for that!