Oh what a beautiful day this was~ It might have been several degrees below zero but boy when Ellen, Alex, and I accidentally fell upon this breathtaking location in an alley in Detroit, I didn't even notice that I ran outside without a coat or that my lace-paneled oxfords were slowly filling up with snow. All we could do was run and dance around in the fresh snow, taking photos and smiling and laughing like idiots. Pure bliss~
These photos were shot back when we took a roadtrip in the middle of the week to go to Haneif's solo art show in Detroit! I can't get over how artistic and beautiful this city is!

To match the scene, I wore a bit of a pattern clash (which you already know I love doing!) and tied together several colors and motifs to produce something along the lines of "controlled obnoxiousness," whatever that means! Regardless, I think this shoot was definitely one of the most fun one's we've done!
Oh and if you liked this editorial let me know and I can post some "behind the scenes" photos from this set, as we have so many fun photos! c;

Photos: Alex, Ellen // Location: Woodward Ave, Detroit, MI // Scarf: Iran // Skirt: Handmade // Shoes and Sunglasses: Local store in Oklahoma // Belt: Zara // Necklace: Iran

Oh and P.S. Yes, yes, I haven't done any social action posts in awhile..I'll get on that~
P.P.S. Let me know if you like the skirt and I could put together a DIY to make your own! xx

Have a lovely Thursday!