Ahh what a beautiful show for such a beautiful cause! Last Saturday the UNICEF (United Nations Children's Fund) chapter at DePaul University put together a fashion show in collaboration with StreetStyleChi in order to raise money for their organization while simultaneously reaching out and raising awareness among a new crowd!
Chatting with Khalil, president of their chapter's UNICEF, he told me that they tried to create a "new way of fundraising" that brought "people who like fashion donating to a cause helping children." And as an avid proponent of the use of fashion to promote social activism, I know I couldn't miss this event!

To learn more about the work that UNICEF does, check out their site here: http://www.unicef.org/
To learn more about the fashion show that was put together to serve said work, keep scrolling!

Again, don't want to overwhelm with the photos (and I want to simultaneously shamelessly promote my newly-made facebook page), so I've left the rest of the photos for your viewing pleasure on the Facebook page, which you can check out here: http://on.fb.me/1ff6yiw


A few of my favorite sets from the show...

 DEFIANT ORDER CLOTHING: I really enjoyed the paneled bandanna-patterned shirts--especially paired with leather shorts! Also, the fact that they used real bandannas in their shirts is so cool. 

CHICAGO PLAYGROUND: Varsity gets a dash of edge. I particularly loved the unexpected flannel tied around the waist and the cut-off varsity vest!  

IRIDIUM: (vegan!) Leather definitely does not have a heavy presence within everyday menswear, but without good reason! I love how bold and edgy the red leather tank is, and I think its a look that could be easily replicated and worn casually. 

Spring may not be coming to Chicago for another several weeks...(or months), but it was definitely present here with the light patterns and soft textures. Also I loved the pairing of the strong varsity jacket with the delicate floral dress in the last look! 

Check out the rest of the runway photos here! http://on.fb.me/1ff6yiw

It was definitely a great show with quite a few great pieces! If only it hadn't ended so soon (after going through the photos apparently Alex was also in a state of shock at how quickly it ended and was promptly disconcerted, according to this photo: --I don't know why but when we saw this we laughed so hard we started tearing up so I couldn't resist to share!) 
The photographic result of Alex being confused: 

Anyhow, I think the show went exceedingly well and a lot of great brands and styles were represented! Androgyny, twists on florals and collegiate prep, and the play with textures were favorite themes that were manifested throughout the show!  

From left to right: Mind and Ahsan, representing UNICEF; Khalil, President of UNICEF-DePaul; Myself and Zach!

Ah, the intersection of fashion and social activism seemed to fit together beautifully once again. 
Thank you again to UNICEF-DePaul for this wonderful opportunity to cover the show, and congratulations on a successful event! xx

For details on what I wore, you can check out the last post here

Also, be sure to check out (and like!) UNICEF DePaul's faceook page to be updated on other events they'll be putting on, as well as to follow their great humanitarian work! And rest of the photos (including my most awkward attempt at a photobomb ahaha) from the show can be found on my facebook page, here

Photos: Alex // Location: DePaul University, Chicago //Event: 2014 For the Sake of Fashion Runway Show

What piece(s) did you like best? xx