Two things I learned from this shoot: tripods and self-timers are stupid, and The Anchal Project makes, hands-down, the best scarves.

For those used to my usual style of photography--busy and scenic (take my last shoot with Alex, for example) I have been turning in the opposite direction now that Alex has left me (for a quarter-long study abroad program in France, pshh) (no worries--I'll see her again in 2.5 months..IN MOROCCO! Okay more on that later I promise!)

So this is my first set of photos with a tripod and self-timer! Not bad, eh? The weather was that warm-but-breezy combination that made it perfect to shoot with my new toy scarf from the Anchal Project! Scarves are definitely on the top of my everyday-wear list (haha I actually do wear one everyday! c;) and so doubling up seemed like a no-brainer. Especially when you need to add a little something special to a monochrome look. Also, fun fact (mostly me just predicting your questions ahead of time) yes, I can wear any type of scarf on my head (so long as it covers my hair); it does not have to be specifically/specially made!

Anyway, trying to avoid rambling by starting new paragraphs but apparently it's not working because here I go again (#whoops). (I think this is just what happens when I get really hyped up to share something with you!) Regardless, I'm actually so very excited to have gotten the chance to work with the Anchal Project, as they easily made the top on my ethical brands list--the fact that they are actually a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization is just testament to their honest goals and vision!

This scarf is *actually* the softest article of clothing my skin had the pleasure of touching (and as you can see from the photos, I couldn't stop playing with it)! Handmade from two layers of vintage sari (uh, how cool is that!?) these beauties not only help fund the education and healthcare of marginalized women in India, but also help the fight against the sex-slave industry.

As many of the artisans at the Anchal Project were former sex workers, this organization helps empower women through financial independence and strong community-building. Moreover, the Anchal Project "builds a scholarship fund targeted to the most at-risk children of commercial sex workers" who are a part of their program. And so you can tell that this brand is truly making strides in the improvement of the lives of these women and girls.

And this is just what fashion should be~

Be sure to check out their *NEW* spring line here: ( and show them some good lovin' on their facebook page here: (

ALSO (no, I didn't think this post could get any longer, either but) you can ENTER TO WIN your very own ethical scarf from the Anchal Project (& more!) in the giveaway (here)! (which is also conveniently plastered all over my social media everywhere) But hurry because less than one week left to enter!

Blouse: Zara // Boots: c/o Zappos // Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters // Scarf: c/o Anchal Project

Have a lovely Thursday!