Update (2016): We just published the first-ever collection of in-print fashion photography from Tehran, Iran! 
What a way we came from this post! Check it out here.

As promised, I'm writing a bit more about Iran during the 13-day long celebration of our New Years! Today I want to transport you to the streets of Tehran, the capital and apparently fashion hub of the nation! In Iran as most of you already know, wearing the Hijab (headcovering) is mandatory, along with long and loose clothing. Rather than being a constriction on fashion, as most people would think, this actually has sprouted a new style of streetstyle unique to Iran that plays with shape and layers. All of the photos here belong to Tehran Times, and shared with permission :)

Ah, the tree-lined streets, yellow brick, and soft sunlight--so nostalgic from the times I spent Iran. Oh how I wish to go ba--OH RIGHT, I AM! I am so head-over-heels excited to go back this summer, visit my family, and share with you all of my adventures!

What are your thoughts on Iranian streetstyle?

If you enjoyed these photos, be sure to peep my Tehran Streetstyle Book, out now!