The one thing you can rely on Chicago to be is to be unreliable. Just guess what season this was shot in (don't look at your calendars). For those of us in the United States, March usually means that we can finally hide away our down feather coats that add a few pounds to our shoulders already crumbling under the weight of our textbooks, as spring is finally coming to bless us all. For us Iranians, it also means Iranian New Years (the craziness of which I can't wait to share with you all) and covering your house in fresh flowers.

But then I woke up to reality and remembered that Chicago only has two seasons--winter and pre-winter. A quick look out my window (who am I kidding my window was frozen over and I hadn't been able to look out it for months) and this was, unfortunately, re-confirmed.

I don't know it's just that yesterday was 55F and whatnot and I was hoping that Chicago has finally decided to play nice. Especially since I already packed away my puffer coat.

Despite this fact campus did look rather magical and Alex and I raced to catch the last few rays of golden hour to shoot this look aka my coat-less (don't tell my mother) rebellion against Chicago before the sun retreated and took with it our hopes of any chance of the snow melting.

Maybe tomorrow.

Photos: Alex // Location: UChicago // Sweater: c/o Persunmall // Necklace: c/o Macys // Blouse & Skirt: H&M// Boots: c/o Zappos