What could be a better Mothers Day gift than socially-responsible solid perfume handmade in New Zealand? Yeah, nothing, actually!

With Mother's Day only two weeks away, I've teamed up with Pacific Perfumes (a beautiful brand inside and out!) to give you a chance to give your mother a scent as sweet and beautiful as she is! c;

This brand's dedication to social-responsibility and ethics is beyond admirable. Not only are their Artisan solid perfumes handmade from 100% natural and botanical ingredients, but they also come in reusable cases made from sustainable wood, and are made completely cruelty free! Not to mention that they are also planning to start working on a fair-trade collaboration with women in Fiji!

Moreover, they are doing great things by completely phasing out their use of Palm Oil! The consumption of palm oil is a pressing issue in the fashion/beauty/life industry, found in everything from cereal to makeup and is responsible for the destruction of millions of acres of endangered forests and indigenous lands (mostly in Indonesia and Malaysia!), and therefore the loss of indigenous and endangered plants and animals!
(Interested in learning more about Palm oil? Check out this fact sheet.)

Although the beautiful ladies behind this brand currently use ONLY sustainable palm oil, Francesca from Pacific Perfumes tells me that: "Even though our palm oil was sustainable I just felt we didn't need to go there and someone else can use that quota," and so they decided to switch over to a production of soaps that will require NO palm oil! How beautiful is that?!

Yay for social-responsible gifts!
The last thing you would want to do for Mother's Day is gift your mother a present that was created via the exploitation of other mothers across the globe~

THE GOODS: Pacific Goddess Solid Perfume "Inspired by the mysticism of the female deities in the Pacific, Pacific Goddess solid perfume is both soft and intensely rich, full of spicy yet delicate vanilla extracts created from unique fragrance & essential oils hand blended into a creamy solid base of pure golden Jojoba and Almond oil & Beeswax."

A beautiful gift--inside and out--for your mother, friend, sister, or yourself!

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Happy Sunday and I hope you can smell your victory soon! c; xx


P.S. I wanted to use this giveaway as a way to show my appreciation for all of your support over these months! I really value your readership and I know that material things aren't always a great way to show love but hey, it definitely helps, no? c;

Photos courtesy of Pacific Perfumes