Ah this shoot brings back memories. Freezing to death, climbing on things I probably shouldn't be, consequently being super awkward when people walk by, and Alex and I rushing to get the shoot done before it gets too dark. I actually also sneaked a few amusing photos of Alex climbing the statue and slipping on ice to get a good photo, which was fun. 

Speaking of ice--IT'S NO LONGER COLD in Chicago! 
Well, for the day! Let's hope this warm weather is here to stay! 

Also I've been working on measurements, proportions, etc to better fit larger photos on le blog--you like? c: 
I'm actually super tempted to just redo my entire layout to be better suited for photos, because you know I just have so much free time now that midterms are approaching......

Oh! And as I was uploading these photos I realized that I actually have no idea what statue we were casually climbing, so I looked it up, and turns out this statue was commissioned for the Colombian World Exposition by the Sweedish community in Chicago! #funfact

Photos: Alex | Jacket: Forever21 | Boots: DSW | Blouse: Local boutique

Happy Monday! xx

P.S. Whoops! Sorry if I accidentally posted, unposted, and reposted this post #technicaldifficulties