Good morning! First just want to apologize for not having the chance to post for the past week--I think it's the longest I've gone without posting anything new! As you may know, spring quarter here at UChicago just started and so I've been all over the place in terms of organization and schedules; worry not--I'll be back in the blogging rhythm in no time! Hope you all had a lovely week (and enjoyed the break from my blog hehe)!

"Athletic" fashion has been running around (bad pun intended c; ) here and there and I'm personally a *reserved* fan of this trend (not supporting the re-popularization of Nike and Adidas, which are both on the Boycott List) but I really do enjoy, among other things, the upgraded sweatpants, boxy silhouettes, and varsity jackets and shirts. The latter can basically be worn with everything and I've been wanting to do just that! I put together three little mood boards using this varsity tshirt from Macy's as the basis and adding a few things here and there from little favorite socially-responsible stores like Angela Roi and sponsor Persunmall. Hope you enjoy!

Which one was your favorite? How would you wear this shirt? 

Happy Sunday!


Oh! And the winner of the Iranian New Years giveaway is Sandy K--congratulations! You'll be contacted shortly! c; Thanks again to everyone who entered! Let me know if you all like this sort of thing and I can make it happen more often! xx

*This post was sponsored by Macy's for the #Macyscampustour campaign