Getting tired of the scene on campus and trying to stock up on shoots before Alex left to study abroad in Paris this quarter (I miss you!), we decided to venture over to Wicker Park, the "hipster" neighborhood in Chicago--(really just an excuse to go thrift store shopping but shhh)
Wicker Park is basically where all the UChicago students move who don't want to leave the city after graduation...and aren't econ majors. Everyone was super young and hip and the walls were filled with beautiful graffiti--so of course, Alex, who loves to make me do shoots in by far the most public, crowded places, convinced me this would be a great place to take a few photos. We ran into a few fun strangers (one of which wanted in on the shoot), ate amazing food, and pretended not to judge someone doing pushups in the middle of the street. #idk

P.S. These pants are my first purchase in a looong time (yay for limiting my spending!) which I bought a few months ago, and somehow hadn't made it to the blog yet! (They are one of my favorites!)

Alex also decided it would be a great idea to add *false* word bubbles to a few of the photos...a couple were not, er, "blog appropriate" ahaha and others had references to Shrek (is it weird we both have the whole movie memorized?), but I decided to let this one go -_-

This was one of my first times shooting in public streets--it was, interesting experience, but I think I'll stick to my vacant rooftops and tripod for now. Well, maybe at least until I meet up with Alex in Morocco in a few months...
P.S. YES that is actually happening! xx Gahhh soo excited!

Photos: Alex | Location: Wicker Park, Chicago | Blouse, Jacket, Pants: Zara | Rings, Purse: H&M 


P.S. A few other snaps from this trip can be found on my Instagram / this post !

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