10 Under $25

As mentioned in my last outfit post, I've been slowly edging my way to the vacant, black-and-white land of minimalism. It's quite the departure from my usual style that looks like something a unicorn threw-up, aka conglomerations of patterns and colors (exhibit A, exhibit B, etc, etc) which I definitely hold my Iranian roots responsible for (Iranian street-style, anyone?). But I feel like minimalism is like a nice breath of fresh air and helps clear up my mind, which is especially nice as the school year is slowly coming to an end.

For me, minimalism is accomplished through simple, black and white pieces and delicate gold jewelry (a bird tattoo couldn't hurt, either!). Speaking of which, I've actually been craving (yes, craving) a little bird tattoo on my left wrist for quite some time. But that's not going to happen (I don't think!?) so I guess I threw in a little temp tattoo in the mix, teehee! How do you feel about minimalism? Any suggestions for me/each other?

Also, I of course had to turn to Etsy because hooray for another opportunity to support small businesses and not buy from companies on the Boycott List! (Check out Alternatives to Exploitative Fashion Companies for more alternatives!)
Oh and everything is under $25 because we also got to be minimalist with spending our money hehehe

1. gold plated hamza bracelet

Which one did you like best?
P.S. Unfortunately, for you, while my style might slowly be turning towards minimalism, my writing sure as hell hasn't haha so hope you enjoy my essay-length posts which seem to be getting longer and longer? Oh well! c:

P.P.S Gahh I just reached 3000+ readers on Bloglovin, and I just wanted to say thank you thank you for all of your support via your comments, sharing my site/posts with friends, and just taking the time to peruse through the blog! It's such an honor! 
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P.P.P.S Happy Thursday! xx