The smell of roses is easily one of my most favorite scents. Maybe it's because rose water reminds me of my homeland of Iran, where all the sweet drinks and desserts have the delicate taste and perfume of fresh roses, but I associate this scent with very warm, fond memories and it has a strong tie to my identity and culture. So naturally, when Pacific Perfumes, one of my favorite ethical, handmade perfume brands, gave me the choice to pick a scent from their collection, the Rebellious Rose perfume was an instinct!

Handmade from ethical, sustainable, and natural products, the Rebellious Rose perfume (along with a little sample of Pacific Goddess as a surprise gift--thank you!) smelled as wonderful as it is socially-responsible! I won't repeat myself and re-discuss Pacific Perfumes' commitment to ethics (check that out here!), but I will say that this is definitely a scent I will be indulging in regularly! The Rebellious Rose scent is strong yet sweet and the Pacific Goddess smells of soft vanilla that grow alongside the sea~

Highly recommend you take a look at Pacific Perfumes' full collection of socially-responsible perfumes, lotions, oils, and soaps here: and read a bit on their dedication to sustainability and ethics here: ! 

Happy Wednesday! Thank you Pacific Perfumes for the gifts as well as your dedication to social responsibility in the notorious beauty industry! xx


P.S. Chicago is finally blooming--isn't it beautiful?!
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