As the end of the academic year slowly draws to a close, I've been retreating more and more to my unkept thoughts--about the future, my wants and needs, and other decisions decisions.. I've been trying to adhere to the whole "live in the present," slogan, but every time I just find myself drifting further and further from it. Maybe because I'm starting to realize how quickly time does fly and things change, or maybe because I am just writing this at 4 am with a lack of sleep, but whatever the reason, my mood strongly corresponds to how I dress, and in this case, I used a silk black blouse as a sort of breather between the clashing patterns on my headscarf and pants. Because, you know, breathing is nice. And so is sleep. 

Photos: Alex | Location: Logan Center, University of Chicago | Scarf: Gifted | Blouse and pants: Forever21 | Boots: Modcloth

In other news, hooray it's Friday!


P.S. Yes, the pun in the title is intended! c;