My apologies for the deceitful photos--it's not actually snowing in Chicago (shocking, I know) but these photos were taken at that point in winter when you decide that 2.5 polar vortexes is more than enough and therefore you are going to rebel against mother nature and dress in spring clothing regardless of the sub-zero temperatures (I know I'm not the only one who does this, right?). So, what I'm wearing is still relevant to this spring weather that has taken its damn sweet time in coming over to Chicago...just ignore the snow on the ground.

Also, so this shoot was initially planned to be conducted in front of this beautiful wall of graffiti (opposite of where I am currently standing in these photos) but when we arrived, we decided that the red color of this brick wall looked so much better with the denim x denim I was wearing and decided to save the graffiti wall for another shoot. Only problem is...a few weeks ago the graffiti wall was taken down. #sorrytoruinyourmorning :( #imdepressedtoo

Heh, okay, it was a *bit* cold...
Praying this now warm weather will stay here awhile~

Photos: Alex | Location: Alley on 53rd Street | Scarf: Gifted | Rings: H&M | Blouse: Forever21 | 

Hope everyone had a beautiful Mother's Day! xx
Happy Monday!