I've been waiting so long to be able to say this...are you ready!? AHH I still can't believe it, but.......
 It is hot in Chicago!

Just typing those words is such a weird feeling as I feel like most of the time on my blog I'm complaining about the endless winter and sub-zero degree weather, so much that I forgot what it feels like to stand outside without a jacket and feel warm. Ah, what a beautiful feeling! (Also, took long enough)! 
This warmth is also rather favorable and encouraging of my attempt to transition to minimalism, as nothing feels better in thick humid air and blinding sunshine than light 'n breezy fabric and simple shapes. And as a Muslim woman who covers my body, thin button-up shirts and dark-washed jeans are basically the easiest and most comfortable thing to wear in said weather! 
What is your warm-weather uniform? (unless you live in Chicago/north pole (interchangeable) you probably have more experience dressing for warm weather!)

These white sandals were also recently sent to me by Zappos (thank you!) and they basically have oh-so-quickly claimed the title of my feet's best friend. Unlike most sandals that are so thin you sometimes forget you're wearing shoes, these babies are incredible comfortable. Definitely recommend! 

Oh! Also! If you remember my horror story in my last outfit post about getting caught on the roof, then you remember saying that I had to re-scout out a new location and here is an alternative option! The lighting wasn't as ideal so it required a bit more post-production editing to lighten up, so I might have to move again...what do you think of the new location? :) 

Location: Logan Center, UChicago | Sandals: c/o Zappos | Plaid Blouse: Nordstrom | Jacket: Forever21


P.S Happy Friday! For my fellow comrades on the quarter schedule at the university--only 15 more days until freedom! Hooray! So excited for summer!