Currently existing in a rather calm mood even though I'm set to travel across the globe in about a week and a half (hello, Morocco and Iran)! And in this 3-week period after the mess of final exams and before the larger mess of packing, my lungs are slowly expanding and I need to remind myself that I can actually breathe. Along with journaling (although lately less so on paper than just in my mind) and overdosing on berries and fruit, lately I've been living in the same soft light button up because I can't quite come up with a better reason to change my clothes or do something productive (hence the lack of blog posts). But today I finally put a long-overdue shoot together that will be up tomorrow--it's actually quite the contrast to my daily wear above, as I put it together back in Chicago before coming home--but more on that tomorrow. I've also been reflecting quite a bit recently and going through the whole mid-college crisis that I'm sure isn't too abnormal c; In any case, I'm excited to grow and explore this summer, and will try not to be anxious about my next several years to come~

Happy Wednesday!

P.S. Anticipate a few little tweaks to the blog layout in the next few days! xx
Until tomorrow~