In this Oklahoma humidity, wearing anything more than a pale-colored, paper-thin blouse will weigh you down. (Not to mention, as a hijabi, receiving incessant comments of  "omg I'm so sorry you have to wear that on your head in this weather--are you hot in that!?") Thankfully though, these past few days the weather has calmed down a bit and refrained from peaking over 90F! Which means I run out of excuses to stay indoors and complain about the weather and instead get to run around the suburb's "downtown" (literally a two-street stretch of old diners) (#sorrynotsorry) with my brother (who never fails to make me laugh while shooting). 

Haneif also made a trip back home so it has been so nice to have the whole family together under one roof again (which, for you means another forced menswear shoot with the broskies, so stay tuned!) Check out the last shoot we all did together, here

Photos: Hadi | Location: Downtown Edmond (lol) | Hijab: Etsy | Blouse: Forever21 | Sandals: c/o Zappos


T-3 days until I leave for Morocco!

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