A quick little curation of the best-priced, best-looking, and best-doing-good gifts for Father's Day this weekend!

Top 5 Socially-Responsible Father's Day Gifts (Under $110!)

5. Fair Trade Seafoam Tee
Be Good Clothes

As promised, I put together a little gift-guide for the socially-conscious gifter/father. (And I even did it within the time that I said I would--what a feat! Is anyone writing this down?!) 
Be sure to check out all the great things these products and brands are doing and show them some love!

Of course, celebrating your father is beyond material gifts--spend time together outdoors! But if you are planning on buying him a little something, I encourage you to consider a gift that not only shows your appreciate of your father but also shows your support of fair labor practices and ethical materials (or at least nothing from the Boycott List)!

Now to run and finish packing so I can fly home and see my بابا ("baba" is Farsi for dad)! 
Happy Fathers Day! xx 

P.S Oh my gosh wow you guys actually somehow guessed the location of my last shoot (It was in a really spacious bathroom that I stumbled upon in the basement of our still-under-construction creative writing building!) Haha looks like I owe you all a giveaway--great guess, Shipra! xx I'll get on that asap.