Hah, remember that time that I pretended like I was going to try to edge toward the empty land of minimalism? Yeah...whoops. (I'll try again another time?)
Regardless, I fell sort of in love with this dress and quickly relapsed back into my usual game of how-many-patterns-can-you-wear-at-once-and-not-look-like-unicorn-throw-up. Mostly, I had my eyes on the back.

Speaking of minimalism, this blouse was also worn recently for what I thought was the start of a minimalist transition (which obviously didn't happen) in this look and quickly found its way back on my shoulders to create something completely different. Ah, fashion~

Although, yes, yesterday's post was not untruthful--lately, I have been dressing rather lightly--this look was actually put together when I was back in Chicago, but what with finals I didn't have time to shoot until I came home! So, the darker tones and pattern clashes that I usually wear in Chicago were still lingering in this look. I'll be running around the town with my brosky soon so you can see the more Oklahoma influence in my next outfit post! xx

P.S. That promised giveaway is coming up *possibly* tomorrow so get excited! xx
P.P.S I know you're just dying of curiosity so I'll go ahead and say it--the plants to my right are fig bushes!

Happy Thursday!