A little photo diary of my travels in my motherland.

1. women wearing chadors taking a group photo atop a cliff
2. famous olive stores lining the road north
3. the endless and towering forests of shomal (north)
4. feel free to save this as your desktop backgroud.
5. did I mention that northern Iran was famous for its olives? More olives.
6. they're also famous for their sheep...meat. :(
7. and wind...a lot of wind
8. wind turbines, blue mountains, green grass, sheep, and an emerald lake. What more could you want in a photo?
9. endless stretches of seashells lining the Caspian Sea
10. "Anyone pulled rom a source // longs to go back" -Rumi | a sea snake returning to its home

 Check out part I of these photos here and see more snipbits from my travels on my Instagram, @hodakatebi.


P.S. Yes yes I know I was supposed to post a vlog today but I was going through the videos I had taken from our trip north and got a headache watching because I still have not mastered begun to learn how to have a steady hand when filming. I'll work on it and get back to you, maybe in a few years. c;