Hooray for the first shoot Alex and I took in Morocco!
I have to admit, it took a bit of time before we could get our first shoot done because a) we already were stared at a bit over my comfort level so I wasn't exactly the most excited to prance around in front of a camera and draw even more unnecessary attention/give people an actual reason to stare sooo I had to first get over that. (This shoot was taken right around Iftaar time, when everyone had scurried home to break their fast) (Per my request, of course--Alex's first choice was in the middle of the busiest intersection probably of all of Rabat...) But I promise that, based on the last shoot we did in Morocco, I've improved quite a lot at pretending like I don't see the families looking down at us from their pointed-arch-shaped windows.
The first week, contrary to what I had majoritily (my computer is telling me that this is not a real word?) packed, I dressed in rather dark colors and little patterns. We can thank Air France for that.
When arriving in the Casablanca airport I had to patiently wait through a married 30-year-old man offering to show me around, a sort of embarrassingly large language barrier, and groups of kids trying to sell me discounted taxi rides, only to figure out that my luggage has not yet arrived (and still would not for about 3 or so more days to come)!
During this time Alex and I were just ticking for a shoot, as we had not shot together for quite a bit, and so she so graciously loaned me some clothing for the day and decided why not? Stepping out of your comfort zone is part of the fun of fashion, afterall~                                                                                                                        
Location: Rabat, Morocco | Photos: Alex | Cardigan: Borrowed | Shirt: Borrowed | Jeans: H&M
P.S. No, I did not get a new drawstring purse--those are Alex's lenses (we didn't think it would be the wisest ide to leave them laying around, plus they sort of add to the look, no? hehe) but they would make a sweet wristlet!
P.P.S. There are a lot of cats! c;