Less of an actual outfit shoot than more of a hey-look-what-I-wore-to-a-200+-year-old-historical-monument-actually-oh-wait-this-is-also-what-I-wear-to-everything-I-really-just-wanted-to-slowly-start-sharing-photos-from-Iran-because-there-are-too-many.
so. yeah.

Location: آق اویلر , Iran | Photos: Hadi | Scarf: Gifted | Blouse: Thrifted (heh, that rhymed) 

Usually when I go to Iran, I end up being a horrible repeat-outfit offender, wearing the same long/oversized shirt day after day until I ruin it. In Iran, along with a mandatory Hijab (for those of you who missed my post on what the Hijab is and why I choose to wear it, you can check that out here), women also need to wear long clothing that at least raches halfway between your waist and knees (called manteaus). (I'll talk specifically on why these rules are in place when documenting Iranian streetsyle because the women would actually be following the rules so I'll have clear visuals, unlike myself). In the USA, it is rather difficult to find said tunic-shirt that not either a dress or horribly ugly(/see-through/sheer/cutout-ed). Luckily I found this (mens) button-down shirt at a thrift store that, when left un-tucked, goes down just past my rear, so it is the closest thing that I own that would sort of work. I still try my best to walk quickly and avoid eye-contact with the police (so far it's working!). (Although to be honest, I don't see them ever ticketing me for this).

When I'm not climbing on ancient buildings I'm sitting behind a desk drinking the best coffee ever and wearing a manteau (one of the few I just bought) because in the work-place, manteau are definitely more professional than an oversized thrifted shirt.

Hope you enjoy the photos! These are all taken atop a mountain in northern Iran (shomal). I'll be publishing a mini-documentation of Iran via photos in the next few days so stay tuned! In the meantime I've been posting quite a bit on my Instagram of my travels and adventures and you can take a peek (and follow!) here

Have a lovely Thursday!