Ah, finally, the post you've all been commenting about..

 I hope that these photos do my homeland just a bit of justice, and bring a bit more insight into a country that has been given a horrible rep from the media. I'm always curious to hear what people think about Iran, how much they've seen and heard from biased news sources (you can skip to the comments and leave your pre-judgements before going through the photos, if you like). Today marks one month of being in Iran and everyday I've had the privilege of exploring my homeland with my family and friends, eating amazing food and ice-cream, and meeting so many amazing and talented people at work and on the streets. I've truly grown, learned, and smiled so much.

For this reason, I've also barely had the time to catch up on going through and editing photos from my stay so far. Although it does help that, because Iran feels so much like home, I haven't really felt the urge to glue my camera to my side and take photos of everything that moves, much like I do when traveling. But, as you all have mentioned numerous times that you'd like to see photos from Iran, I decided to start taking more photos and slowly putting together a post. All for you c;

typically in Iran, each apartment complex has 4 or 5 rooms, and is beautifully designed with a matching front gate. This door was one of my favorites and a daily sight on my way to work. | stretches of Iranian flags lining a highway in Tehran, Iran | a joojoo (Farsi for "bird") created with Farsi calligraphy from a page in one of my favorite Rumi poetry books

ah, the Alborz mountain range. So powerful and ancient.

the eats: sour-cherry tea | cantaloupe (we eat a lot of melon) | persian coffee

Traditional open-air restaurant in the mountains in Tehran, Iran

 Alborz mountains

young Iranian kids in a traditional open-air restaurant enjoying impromptu live music
Hope you enjoyed this little glimpse into Iran from through my camera lens. I'd love to hear--what surprised you the most, or was it what you thought it would be?
P.S. A photo is worth 1000 words, so a video must be worth... a lot. Put together a little vlog from our trip shomal (north) (read: the Caspian Sea and endless forests!) so you can actually get the full experience of Iran! (P.P.S This is my first vlog and I am really bad at editing videos so..) Coming Monday!
P.P.P.S Part II of Postcards are coming Wednesday! In the meantime, you can check out my Instagram for more photos from Iran!