Ah, back in the windy city absorbing the grey skies, endless stretch of beautiful people, and slightly chilled air. Moving into a new apartment has been taking far longer than I expected (I don't know why I thought this would be an easy/quick job), but that doesn't mean spending (literally) the entire day at Ikea has necessarily been a chore (their cinnamon rolls are heavenly!). Now that I'm sort of a bit more settled in I'll be posting a few home diy projects, if you all would be interested in seeing a bit of that (if not please let me know in the comments! Or a strongly worded email, whatever gets you voicing you opinion on the matter!) as well as *maybe* a recipe or two if I ever decide to stop living off of granola bars and mac&cheese. (Don't worry, many fashion & social action posts are still to come, as well!)

Speaking of social action and fashion, I was so kindly invited by the DePaul University United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) Chapter to co-host its 3rd annual For The Sake of Fashion charity runway show! The show is open to the public (only a $10 suggested donation) and will feature a range of local and international socially-responsible brands, with 100% of the proceeds will be going toward UNICEF-DePaul! The runway show will take place Sunday, October 12th at 6:00pm at the Cortelyou Commons on 2324 N Fremont Street in Chicago, IL. There is also an opportunity at the end of the show to purchase some of the featured clothing donated by designers at a fraction of the designer price! So cool, right!?

To learn more about UNICEF and the humanitarian work that they do around the world, check out their site here

To check out the Facebook event page and RSVP (I would totally love to meet you all!) & watch a kick-ass fashion show that also supports an amazing organization, click here

To see a bit of last year's coverage on le blog, click here

One month should be more than enough time to buy those flights, right? (;


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