...both on the interwebz & physically! |
HOORAY! We've finally undertaken the extremely confusing/tedious task of moving to a real domain name (we were also wanting to move over to Wordpress but I feel like Wordpress is like the Apple/Mac of blog hosting--too sleek and modern for me to understand. I'll stick to my Gateway laptop & Blogger hosting, thank you)! Please welcome www.joojooazad.com (rather than www.joojoo-blog.blogspot.com (phew, what a mouthful!)) into your browers! We (aka the blog and I) are really excited about this milestone that was supposed to be on JooJoo Azad's 1 year birthday last month (due to the embargo, services like domain/web hosting is hard to access when in Iran, boo). So, don't forget to change your bookmarks/shortcuts/memory/however you keep up with le blog to the new url! If you read JooJoo Azad via Bloglovin or Blogger, you don't have to change anything as I will/have take(n) care of that for you!

ALSO as officially (?) announced on le twitter yesterday, I gave in to the next mindless social media fad and created a Pintrest account! Check it out here, if you also don't enjoy meaningful human contact/the outdoors and have an account, as well!
This was *mainly* due to the fact that in a week from today I'm moving into my first apartment with 3 of my favorite people, and really needed some interior design inspiration (well, at least that's what I'm telling myself). Going to be working on quite a bit on DIY home projects, so if you all are interested in that sort of stuff I can post a bit of it on le blog, as well (Although I refuse to believe we're turning into a lifestyle blog, hehe). Regardless, because life is meaningless without photo-documentation, I'll be posting updates via my Instagram upon move-in day!

Hope we can be Pintrest friends!

Happy Wednesday! 


P.S. Coming up Friday--the travel guide for Iran you've all been requesting on Instagram! xx (and then another fashion photo shoot from Morocco!)