Fun fact: I put together a lengthy and (if I do say so myself) great blog post for Blog Action Day 2014 on the topic of inequality today but alas I fell asleep last night on top of my roommate and lost all my work. #hooray! Instead, I've been pretending like I don't care about inequality, anyway, and have been slowly tending to my "new shit" music playlist, thanks to a super cool Dane I've befriended (who also dresses far better than myself). Have been listening to a few of these songs on repeat, and decided I would share because this totally makes up for it, right?

But because I failed to upload anything today, I wouldn't want to deprive you all of your activist juice so here are a few of my favorite reads from the day on the topic of inequality from a range of perspectives! I highly recommend perusing through these beautiful articles and supporting the bloggers behind them who were smart enough to save their work! Enjoy!

1. Being Black in the Fashion Industry | Style Honestly
A very powerful article written in first-person delineating personal experiences and feelings as a woman of color within a very white and western industry

2. Inequality in Mental Health  | Picnic With Ants
As someone who unfortunately is uneducated in the realm of mental health, this was a very eye-opening and personable article

3. Global Wealth Inequality-What You Never Knew You Never Knew  | The Rules Org
If you're having a bad day don't read the comments.

And then a few of my past articles here on JooJoo Azad for those who like biting, sarcastic, and morbid c:

1. Overview of the Israel-Palestine Conflict: 5 Things You Should Know Now

2. 5 Ways to Take Action: Remembering the 1-yr Anniversary of the Bangladesh Factory Collapse

3. The Veil...Unveiled: Why I Chose to Cover My Hair

4. We're Not Terrorist, Yo

And, as my contribution last year to Blog Action Day:
5. The Fashion Industry's Inconvenient Truth

Have you posted/read anything recently you'd like to add to the list? Share with us!


~ l e a v e  a  r e p l y

edit: upon publishing this post I realize the title is a bit odd.


Photo: “Not Equal” by holeymoon on Flickr. Used under Creative Commons.