A few weeks ago I had the lovely opportunity to cover the Her Campus College Fashion Week show in Chicago, which was a really nice way to end a busy week of mid-terms! The night was sponsored by Bare Minerals, BooHoo, TRESemme, and others, and was creatively divided into 3 distinct themes: Imperial, Brooklyn Princess, and Woodlander.
Her Campus also brought in quite a bit of local talent, including one of my university's (The University of Chicago's) mens acapella groups, which was amazing, per usual, as well as a dance crew and soloist, which provided a nice transition between each line. Below are an assortment of photos from pre and post show as well as photos from the runway, organized by section. There are also a few snipbits of my look, which will be posted in a few days! Enjoy the show!


Imperial | An overall darker palette with a theme of jackets tied around the waist--definitely a fan. This theme contrasted leather and distressed denim with florals and pastels to create a look that had a causal vibe yet appropriate for more formal events.

Brooklyn Princess | My personal favorite from the show, this line encompassed sports luxe, a juxtaposition of skirts and sneakers, feminine pieces with boxy, more traditionally masculine jerseys.

Woodlander | Plaid, fur, vests, cardigans, and more relaxed hair was the consistent strain throughout this line, giving off a casual-comfortable vibe and invoking strong visuals of getting cozy in front of a warm fire.

Photos: Alex

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Thank you again to the Her Campus team for having me! 

P.S. The complete photos from the show will be uploaded on le Facebook page very shortly! 
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Enjoy your Thursday! 

*This was a sponsored post by Cinch